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about NCBOA

The North County Basketball Official's Association, also known as the NCBOA or CBOA North County Unit, is dedicated to providing the best possible officiating for high school basketball in North San Diego County.  Our members are trained professionals of the highest caliber. 

Join our team and learn high school basketball rules, officiating mechanics, and game management. Become part of our tradition and enjoy the excitement of competitive high school basketball.

history of NCBOA

The organization known today as the North County Basketball Officials Association (NCBOA) was first formed in 1960-61, as "Board No. 173" of the Interanational Association of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO).  Also known as the "Tri-County District Board", our territory included Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties.
  • Our first President under IAABO was Sargent D. Smith
  • Vice President was Jack Gabrels
  • Rules Interpreter: Irving H. Smith
  • Secretary/Treasurer: John Oakley
  • There were 19 original members

IAABO logo

Special Thanks to Donnie Eppley of IAABO Inc. for helping with this history!

TCA logo In March of 1963 our organization withdrew from IAABO and became the "Tri-County Association" - a "local affiliate Unit" of the Southern California Basketball Officials Association (S.C.B.O.A.)
  • Our first President under S.C.B.O.A. was Pat Breen

CBOA logo In September 1983, the Tri-County Basketball Officials Association changed its name to the North County Basketball Officials Association (NCBOA).
  • Our first Regional Official was Frank Wilhelm - 1983
  • Our first State Final Officials were Bob Latiano & Ken Perez - 1985
Finally, in 1987 our "parent" organization, the S.C.B.O.A. went "statewide", becoming the California Basketball Officials Association as we know it today.

Today, NCBOA provides the finest High School basketball officials in the state of California!  All NCBOA officials are State Certified by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) to officiate High School regular season and post-season contests.

With over 120 members, we provide year-round training to our officials, and year-round service to our Youth Basketball, Adult Recreation and High School League vendors.

NCBOA has had seven (7) members advance to referee at the NCAA Division 1 level:
            Dal Williams - Women's NCAA Division I Official (now retired)
  Connie Perkins - Women's NCAA Division I Official
  Rick Young - Men's NCAA Division I Official
  Steve Espinoza - Men's NCAA Division I Official
  Tami Mason - Women's NCAA Division I Official
  Rob Bryson - Women's NCAA Division I Official
  Gordon Torigoe - Women's NCAA Division I Official

NCBOA currently has officials being looked at for NCAA Division I; has had 2 officials looked at by the NBA; and has 4 officials working the ABA semi-professional league...

This History of NCBOA comes from our oldest and most beloved historical artifact, Carl Goff!   If you are part of NCBOA's history and can provide more detail for this website, please contact the NCBOA website administrator.

SS-CA logoIncorporation

The Articles of Incorporation of  NCBOA, Inc. were submitted March 01, 2001 by Rusty Riner, Incorporator, and were Endorsed / Filed on March 26, 2001 by Bill Jones, California Secretary of State.

  • California Corporation # 2881808
  • Organized under the Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public
    and charitable purposes
  • Organized and operated exclusively for educational, public and charitable
    purposes within the meaning of IRC Section 501(c)(3)

Tax Exempt Status

IRS Masthead

NCBOA Inc. (Employer Identification Number: 27-0062300) has been granted IRS recognition as a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization under section 501 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Letter of Determination ("Letter 947") dated November 03, 2003
  • Determination Letter Number (DLN): 17053184014013

Donors may deduct contributions to NCBOA Inc., A California Nonprofit Corporation, as provided in section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code, 50% limitation.

You may search IRS Publication 78 "Cumulative List of Organizations" for NCBOA Inc. and others exempt from federal taxation to determine how much of your contributions to them are tax deductible.

FTB logo

NCBOA Inc. (Organization Number: 2281808) has been granted exemption from state franchise or income tax under section 23701d of the California Revenue and Taxation Code.

  • Letter of Notification dated December 24, 2004
  • Reference: "755:G :EU"
  • Form of Organization: Corporation
  • Purpose: EDUCATIONAL

A copy of this letter has been sent to the Registry of Charitable Trusts.

Past Association Officers

Vice President
Secr. / Treas.
1960 S. Smith J. Gabrels J. Oakley IAABO Board # 173
1961 J. Oakley J. Gabrels C. Maier
1962 J. Gabrels P. Breen C. Maier
1963 P. Breen D. Galindo C. Maier
1964 P. Breen J. Spurling C. Maier Tri-County Basketball
Officials Association
1965 H. Phillips J. Wuthrich C. Maier
1966 P. Breen J. Oakley C. Maier
1967 J. Mathieu J. Spurling C. Maier
1968 H. Phillips C. Steeples C. Maier
1969 J. Mathieu R. Reidberger C. Maier
1970 C. Steeples T. Bice C. Maier
1971 T. Bice L. Furrer C. Maier
1972 L. Furrer F. Mitchell C. Maier
1973 F. Mitchell F. Wilhelm C. Maier
1974 F. Wilhelm J. Flake B. Schroeder
1975 B. Schroeder R. Reidberger B. Fisher
1976 J. Flake C. Harrington B. Fisher
1977 R. Reidberger G. Uristegui B. Fisher
1978 F. Wilhelm R. Miller B. Fisher
1979 R. Miller B. Fisher R. Raub
1980 R. Miller B. Fisher J. Wiese
1981 B. Fisher G. Mace J. Wiese
1982 B. Fisher D. Gloady J. Wiese
1983 D. Gloady M. Marcus J. Wiese
1984 M. Marcus D. Williams J. Wiese NCBOA
1985 D. Williams B. Latiano S. Burton
1986 D. Williams B. Latiano B. Boyd
1987 D. Williams B. Latiano B. Boyd
1988 B. Latiano S. Burton B. Boyd
1989 S. Burton K. Ringer R. Hunt C. Wilcox
1990 S. Burton M. Heintschel R. Hunt C. Wilcox
1991 M. Heintschel P. Lane R. Hunt D. Vandertie
1992 M. Heintschel M. Cutler P. Packard D. Vandertie
1993 M. Cutler R. Hunt P. Packard D. Vandertie
1994 M. Cutler R. Vurpillat P. Packard D. Vandertie
1995 D. Williams G. Packard J. Huffman E. Gaer
1996 D. Williams G. Packard T. Cash E. Gaer
1997 E. Gaer R. Hall M. Hetland R. Vurpillat
1998 E. Gaer R. Riner S. Garnett R. Vurpillat
1999 R. Riner C. Washington S. Garnett R. Vurpillat
2000 R. Riner C. Washington S. Garnett R. Vurpillat
2001 R. Riner C. Washington S. Garnett R. Vurpillat
2002 R. Riner C. Washington J. Richardson W. Joseph
2003 R. Riner C. Washington J. Richardson W. Joseph
2004 C. Washington L. Payne J. Richardson W. Joseph
2005 C. Washington L. Payne J. Richardson W. Joseph
2006 C. Washington W. McAdams J. Richardson W. Joseph
2007 R. Riner G. Torigoe M. Gervase S. Salm
2008 R. Riner T. Cash M. Gervase S. Salm
2009 T. Cash
B. Kurnik
J. Landis
S. Salm
2010 T. Cash
C. Vossekuil
T. Robinson
S. Salm
2011 S. Anderson C. Vossekuil T. Robinson S. Salm
2012 S. Anderson C. Vossekuil T. Robinson S. Piercy / S. Gambino

Past Instructional Chairmen

Instructional Chair
1970 - 1974   Lou Furrer
1975 - 1977   Frank Wilhelm
1978 - 1979   Frank Wilhelm & Rod Miller
1980 - 1982   Carl Goff
1983 - 1987   Frank Wilhelm
1988 - 1989   Dal Williams
1990 - 1994   Ken Ringer
1995   Robert Hunt
1996 - 1998   Bob Latiano
1998 - 2003   Dal Williams
2004   Dal Williams & Steve Espinoza
2005 - 2006   Steve Espinoza
2007 - 2010   J.R. Richardson
2011   Michael McNeilly
2012   Michael McNeilly

Past Assignment Secretaries

Assignment Secretary
1974 - 1977   C. Maier
1978 - 1983   Joe Flake & Carl Goff
1984   Carl Goff
1985   Pete Lane
1986 - 2003   Carl Goff
2004 - 2008   Carl Goff & Paul Packard
2009 - 2012
  Paul Packard & Gordon Torigoe