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2015 Camps & Clinics

May 3031, 2015  |  NCBOA VarsityPrep Officiating Camp

    Point Loma Nazarene University

The 2015 NCBOA Varsity Prep Officiating Camp will be held at Point Loma Nazarene University on Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31.  The focus of this camp is to help you to be well prepared for high school games.  Camp activities will include classroom instruction and court work, including evaluations by NCBOA veteran officials.  The Varsity camp is targeted for those officials who have worked Frosh/JV HS games and are preparing for the Varsity level.  The fee for this camp is $50.

We hope that you will feel inclined to take advantage of this excellent training opportunity. Please send your $50 non-refundable camp fee payable to NCBOA, PO Box 4, Carlsbad, CA 92018-0004. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your camp fee. Additional details for the camp will be sent to those who have registered to attend.

Please direct questions regarding the camp format to Gordon Torigoe. Specific questions regarding the nature and content of the camp instruction should be directed to Duane Hurd.

  • NCBOA Sanctioned and Very Reasonably Priced
  • Camp Director is NCBOA former I.C. Steven Espinoza
  • Mark Michalak, JC assignor for the PCAC, plans to be back again this year along with NBA Veteran Leon Wood, Mike Rapp, and our own Gordon Torigoe
  • NCBOA Assigners, Instructional Staff, and Board Members will see you work
This year's camp theme is "Where Preparation Meets Opportunity."  The camp will be held at UCSD from July 1214, 2013.  There will be an opportunity to: learn through discussing and using the 3-person officiating system; receive feedback and discuss the finer points of officiating with knowledgeable and respected camp staff; prepare yourself for progression to the next level of officiating; and put yourself on the local radar while having fun and making new friendships.  Understanding video breakdown has allowed officials to take leaps forward in their skills and knowledge in a much shorter span of time.  

Steve completely supports the NCBOA’s efforts to continue providing instruction and learning opportunities to our officials.  Space will be limited, so sign up early!  Register and pay the $200 tuition online.  For more information, see the SD Rising Officials Camp website and contact Steve Espinoza.

   2013 Be A Lead Developmental Camps

Instructional Chair Jared Deneen spoke with Martin Cota who will be offering a high school 3-person camp this summer, June 2830, at UC Irvine.  The regular price to sign up is $135 if paid before May 31 and $165 if paid after May 31.  This is already a $50 reduced price because it is the 15-year anniversary of the camp.  The prices are low and the training will be top notch.

We are asking NCBOA officials to add Jared Deneen's name as a reference to the comments section of the registration page or let Jared know that you will be attending the Be A Lead Camp.  Jared will follow up with Martin about possible scholarships for NCBOA officials who would like to attend, yet may be having financial difficulty at this time.  This camp is open and intended for both men and women who would like to improve their high school 3-person officiating and learn the latest 3-person mechanics.

Member Lynnell Payne shared the following details: Martin Cota and Danny Yee, Div I officials, have several camps they run every year that are designed to help the beginning official all the way up to officials who think they are ready for the collegiate level from JC to Div I.  I have personally attended Martin's camps and been a staff member at his camp for the past 9 years.  Martin puts most of the camp fees that are paid by the campers back into the camp through instruction and meals he provides for the campers.  I highly recommend Martin's camps for officials who are breaking into the varsity level and the collegiate levels.

Please go to the Be A Lead website for more information on the camps.

Step up and “Call It” announces their 2013 Basketball Officiating Clinics.  Div I Women's Basketball Officials will be able to work together across conference lines to review mechanics and rules to ensure fidelity with uniform application of NCAA guidelines.  Div II, Div III, and Jr. College Officials will be offered opportunities to clarify 3-person mechanics and rules application with on-court observations in order to step up to the next level of collegiate officiating.  Invited guests include: Instructional Chairpersons; High School and College Assigners; and Section and State Tournament Officials.  Please review their website at for registration and camp details.  

BeachThe Beach Officials Training Camp will be held on June 1921, 2013 in conjunction with the Long Beach State Girl's High School Basketball Team Camp.  This low-key camp will cater to high school and junior college officials alike.  Participants will work approximately 3-4 games per day and there is a variety of classroom sessions, on-court demonstrations, evaluations, game management, and tape breakdown.  Collegiate 3-person mechanics will be covered throughout the camp providing the opportunity for high school officials to work on playoff mechanics and community college and D3 officials to develop and perfect skills in order to step-up to and into the next level.  The camp fee ranges from $100–$300 based on the number of days selected for attendance.  The early bird special ends May 15th.  Please review their website at for camp details.
     2012 Camp dates are as follows:
    June 8–9  Azusa Pacific University  
    June 2223  Azusa Pacific University
    July 1921  Concordia University (Orange County)

The camp is an opportunity for officials to work competitive high school games.  Officials will be evaluated by Division I Men's and Women's Basketball officials. John Dangleis, assignor for the Big West, NAIA, Div III, and Community Colleges Basketball conferences will be part of the observation crew.  The camp will focus on 3-person mechanics (both men's and women's) and other topics related to game management.  In addition, there will be general discussions on how to advance your officiating career.  Unlike other officiating camps, it is guaranteed that you will be observed by the best in the profession.  There will be a positive learning environment for all participants.  The cost of the camp, offered by Rich Kollen, is $225 if paid before April 30, 2013 ($250 on or after May 1).  Questions should be directed to or visit for registration details.  

CBOA Academy
The California Basketball Officiating Academy is offering a new training program in June 2013 led by Dave Libbey.  This experience will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to improve and advance your officiating career.  The Academy will benefit both men and women at all levels of officiating and will be beneficial to those who have at least two years of high school officiating experience.  Participants have the opportunity to take the skills learned in sessions & try them out in HS Varsity level basketball in two-person and three-person crews.  The tuition is $349, whcih includes instruction, DVD of game, class & court sessions, gift for officials, and, most importantly, honest feedback (see flyer).  There is also a training camp from June 14–15 for $99 (see flyer).  Please see their website for more details.

Bruce Hicks and Frank Harvey are offering the Hicks & Harvey Basketball Officials Camp.  The Camp Staff are noted as: Dave Libbey, WCC Assignor; Violet Palmer PAC-10, WCC Assignor, and NBA Official; Rich Kollen, JC Assignor; Bennie Adam, NBA Official; Don McAllister, PAC-10 Official; JT Orr PAC-10 Official; LaDonta King and Shelly K, WCC; and more.  The camp dates are May 31–June 2, 2013.  Please contact Bruce Hicks for assistance (see flyer).


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Sportslink Basketball Camps

UCSB JC Development Camp
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San Diego Basketball Referee
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