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The North County Basketball Official's Association is dedicated to providing the best possible officiating for high school basketball in North San Diego County.  The following Honorary Members are recognized for their outstanding service and achievement as a member of the NCBOA:

NCBOA Officials 

  • Dan M
  • Merlin W
  • Paul & J.R.
  • Thomas P
  • Steve P, Tonya R, & Barry K
  • Barry K
  • Steve A
  • Nick P
  • Paul J
  • Duane H
  • Julie L
  • Mark M
  • Michael G
  • John M
  • Tonya R & Ed H
  • 2010 Special OlympicsMerlin W, Marvin F, Julie L, Nick P, and Steve P
  • 2010 Special OlympicsMerlin W
  • 2010 Special OlympicsMerlin W
Dan M1 Merlin W2 Paul & J.R.3 Thomas P4 Steve P, Tonya R, & Barry K5 Barry K6 Steve A7 Nick P8 Paul J9 Duane H10 Julie L11 Mark M12 Michael G13 John M14 Tonya R & Ed H15 2010 Special Olympics16 2010 Special Olympics17 2010 Special Olympics18

2011 Banquet 


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