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Message from the President

Hello Fellow NCBOA Members,

First, The NCBOA would like to say welcome back. The NCBOA Board has been working throughout this pandemic (COVID-19) and we would like to update everyone on what we know as an association within CBOA in regards to: COVID-19, the possibility of an upcoming season, the NCBOA plan for a season and other updates we can give at this time.

As of right now, The State CIF Office has released a plan to play a basketball season starting in mid March and ending in late June. (check the CIFSDS and CIFSTATE websites for more info) The schedules for most teams are still being formulated and nothing is concrete in regard to scheduling. The lower levels of play (JV, Frosh) are even more unpredictable. Of course, this plan to have a season could always be in jeopardy.

We, The NCBOA Board, have made some plans going forward in regards to having a season and we’d like to share that with the members. First, our training will be primarily ONLINE through an app meeting room (Zoom, etc). Some in person meetings may or may not happen. Second, your membership requirements don’t change much; application, ICA, study guide questions, CIF test, hour requirements, fees, etc. There will be more information about these topics coming soon. All CBOA units are moving forward in some capacity to playing a basketball season.

Again, everything is very flexible and ever moving in these unprecedented times. The NCBOA will continue to update you as soon as we know what our leaders at the CBOA, CIF State and CIF SD Section do in regards to a basketball season.

Thank you,
Dan Malek

Member Information for 2020-2021 Season

All members should be paid out for the 2019-2020 HS season.
If you have any questions regarding payments, please contact the treasurer, Sal.

Check back soon for more details…

News and Camp Information

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, there will be no Youth, Rec, or High School basketball being played during the off-season until further notice. For the safety of the student athletes and our officials, we wish everyone to be safe and stay at home.

2020 Summer Camps have been postponed as well until further notice.

Please check back often with more updates as we receive them.


The North County Basketball Official’s Association, also known as the NCBOA or CBOA North County Unit, is dedicated to providing the best possible officiating for high school basketball in North San Diego County.  Our members are trained professionals of the highest caliber. 

Join our team and learn high school basketball rules, officiating mechanics, and game management. Become part of our tradition and enjoy the excitement of competitive high school basketball.

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